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Sleep Science Mattress Review

If you are interested in purchasing a sleep science mattress, you may want to consider buying a Sleep Science 9 Natural Latex for your bedroom. Especially, if you are looking for a mattress that carries a 20-year warranty and is known for its comfort, support, and its resilience. This mattress is one of the sleep science line of mattresses that is great for keeping the body cool in the summer months and warm in winter season. So, for those who are interested in knowing what this mattress offers, here is a sleep science mattress review and a brief overview of its key features, pros, and cons of buying it for your home.


  • – This mattress has been designed with 2 layers of Talax Latex (natural latex)
  • – Mattress provides instant support and recovery for all sleepers
  • – Constructed with a CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam
  • – These 2 layers are bonded to each other using a water-soluble adhesive.
  • – This mattress cover is composed of 37% organic cotton, while the remaining parts of are composed of is polyester and spandex.
  • – Designed with a type of consistency that makes the mattress breathable and cool.
  • – Manufacturers have focused on designing the structure in a way that keeps the person that you sleep with from moving since it isolates the moving of each from one another.


– Makes an excellent choice for sleepers who get hot during the night but want to remain cool enough to keep from waking up.

– Consumers prefer this mattress because it has been designed to suit different sleepers’ preferences as well as their personal or family budgets.

– Comes with a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer so if anything goes wrong with its structure the consumer can eliminate the cost of replacement

– Majority of consumers are pleased with this mattress’ performance. Based on the statistics, 76% appear to be satisfied with their purchase.

– Made to satisfy and suit all kinds of sleepers because it has made with medium to firm mattress structures in mind.

– Comes with an all natural sleeping environment that promotes better comfortable sleep. This is because of the plush and conforming features that it offers.

– Great mattress for those who do not want to be disturbed by someone else movement. So, the motion isolation it provides is appreciated by large numbers of customers

– For those who suffer from a certain amount of pressure on their back, shoulder etc., this mattress is good for pressure relief.

– Manufacturers have included a feature that makes it highly breathable materials

– Excellent support for different areas of the body and has a high resiliency

– Designed with dust mite resistance and for those people who are suffering from items in the air and bedding that makes them allergic (i.e. hypoallergenic)

– Consumer can try this mattress on a trial basis so the individual can return the mattress if they do not like the way it sleeps and feels.


– If you do not want your home lit up with an unsightly odor that is an offense to the entire family, you need to know exactly what you are buying with this kind of mattress. Based on consumers reports and the manufacturer’s information, this mattress generates an offensive odor. This smell is known last up to 24 to 48 hours and then it begins to dissipate.

– If you looking to use this mattress without a foundation, you will also find out it is not performing at its best since it needs a flat solid surface for the better results.

– inadequate support of the mattress can invalidate the 20 year warranty


Overall, those people who choose this mattress for their bedroom or in another bedroom in their home, they may find that this mattress is ideal for a number of different reasons. Especially, for those consumers who believe in buying items that support eco-friendly initiatives. This is because this kind of mattress can be made of all organic materials so there is no contribution to the large out of control landfills around the world. It is also important to note that those consumers who are on a relatively strict budget can make this kind of purchase for a reasonable price tag. Hence, when consumers want to save money when buying a new mattress or bedset, this can be a very good buy.

Consumers will see this mattress as a good buy because it fits the needs and preferences of more than one type of sleeper. Even when people sleep on their sides, back and other areas of the body, they can use this type of mattress because of its overall firmness. Some people tend to like this mattress to others on the market today since it allows to people to sleep in the same bed, while also limiting the amount of movement that they feel when others begin to shift or move around.